How to choose kitchen cabinets?

custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga

When it comes to choosing your custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga, you do not always know where to start. There is certainly something for every taste and budget and it is not always easy to make the right choices! Here is a little article that will serve as a guide.

3 steps for choosing kitchen cabinets

custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga

As you know, kitchen cabinets are found in all styles and materials. This is where it starts to be complex. You must, therefore, think about the type of materials for which you want to opt-in addition to the final style that you want. Once you’re on the road to style, you have to wonder about the doors, the type of custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga and the hardware store.

To enlighten you, here are some steps to follow to prepare yourself. 

Step 1: Choose the type of panel

custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga

You begin to think about the door model that you want for cooking. First, you have to choose if you want a flat panel, a torn panel, a molded panel or a raised panel.

  • The flat panel is very simple. It is usually made of one piece and does not contain any molding.
  • The twisted panel is a panel made of MDF or some other material that is dug out to have a deep look.
  • The molded panel is a simple panel containing moldings. A little less impressive than the panel, it gives a more decorated look.
  • The relief panel resembles the flocked panel but is distinguished by the presence of molding.

Step 2: Choose the hardware for your cabinets

custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga

In the second stage, the focus is on the hardware found on kitchen cabinet doors. The first option is the button. This is to fix directly in materials a button that will open the doors. This is the option recommended for work with a smaller budget. In practical terms handle is recommended which is easily installed with two screws. The styles of handles are without limit which makes it possible to obtain the desired style for its armories.

Step 3: Choose the type of finishing materials

custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga

When your choice is made for panels and hardware, you must focus on finishing the materials. The two main choices are natural wood or stained wood. In both cases, the investment required is variable. Also, the choices are vast for both types of wood. Both products are equivalent, the degradation is similar. The choice lies between presenting natural or colored custom kitchen cabinets in Mississauga. Otherwise, you can opt for:

  • Solid wood: Very robust, timeless, durable, resistant, warm and elegant.
  • Melamine: Affordable, great choice of finishes, resistant and easy to maintain.
  • Polyester: An affordable alternative to wood, easy to clean, and heat and scratch-resistant.
  • Acrylic: Smooth and shiny finish, good resistance, withstands prolonged exposure to UV rays and moisture, is easy to clean and meets environmental standards.
  • Thermoplastic: A wide variety of models, in addition to being easy to maintain, the thermoplastic will keep its shape and color over time.
  • MDF: MDF (Medium Density Fiber) cabinets have the same characteristics as wood cabinets, but are an excellent alternative in terms of price-quality in addition to being environmentally friendly thanks to wood recovery.